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Robert Mackey graduated from the University of Florida in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education.  Prior to opening Mackey Sports Enterprises, he was an athletic director in two other Florida cities.  In 2001, Robert Mackey returned to Pembroke Pines with a vision, after a three year hiatus in 
Hawaii.  His goal was to create a sports program to improve the quality of life for individuals and to combat the epidemic of obesity.  After eight years of having a joint contract with CB Smith Park, he was awarded the privatization of the tennis facilit, and Mackey Sports Enterprises was born.  Mackey's vision was becoming a reality as his opportunity to provide training in various sports was coming closer.  His background involves a lifetime devotion to numerous sports.  

For every participant in the tennis, soccer, and basketball programs, he insists on the completion of three goals:  Fitness, Social Experience, and Improvement in the sport of choice.  His goals are necessary due to the lack of physical education classes offered in local schools.  His program is designed to fill that void.  He see that children in this gneration are becoming more sedentary. Youngsters used to go outdoors and be active, but this has transitioned to sitting at home for hours playing video games.

"Nothing makes me happier than seeing the results that the program can provide.  Watching people enter the facility, participating in their activities and walking out with the euphoria you get after a great workout is something I see on a daily basis"    -  Robert Mackey    

In the beginning, Mackey Sports Enterprises was only offering tennis.  Since then, soccer and basketball have been added to the program, in Lakeshore Tennis Park, at Miramar.  The tennis program features high level with the Kozlov Tennis Academy.  Stefan Kozlov is a rising American star embarking upon a professional career.  He captured the Junior Orange Bowl first place trophy in 2014.

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